Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What’s in it
Flesh of ½ a ripe mango 
1 small pot of natural yoghurt 
100ml skimmed milk
½tbsp rose water 
Crushed unsalted pistachios (don’t blend – sprinkle on top to serve)
Why it works
Mango’s digestion enzyme, papain, will help you absorb protein and essential nutrients, while the betacarotene will fight free-radical damage caused by exercise. As well as protein, yoghurt supplies probiotics, which can boost the metabolism and reduce bloating. The calcium in milk stimulates the mechanisms in your cells that break down fat. The good fats found in pistachios increase your feeling of fullness. Their high potassium-to-sodium ratio also helps regulate your metabolism so you don’t suffer hunger pangs.
Whatever your fitness aims, we’ve got a smoothie for you.

Smoothie, mango lassi

This delicious smoothie has a raft of health-enhancing effects, such as decreasing bloating, helping your body repair after a workout and regulating your metabolism.